Most people use a real estate agent or broker when making buying or selling real estate. Real estate agents are valuable assets to anyone buying or selling a home in Central Florida. They can help buyers locate available homes, manage the paperwork involved with the transaction, and more. They direct buyers to people selling properties and act as representatives for property sellers. However, a piece of real estate represents a substantial investment, and any real estate transaction comes with a certain degree of risk. Having representation from a knowledgeable Orlando real estate lawyer can help you and your agent streamline the transaction process and protect your best interest.

With over 40 years of legal experience, real estate attorney John G. Pierce of Pierce & Associates, P.L., represents clients throughout the greater Orlando area before, during, and after the real estate transaction process. At Pierce & Associates, P.L., we offer free initial consultations and flexible scheduling options. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.

Problems that can arise during a real estate transaction

It's not uncommon for real estate brokers and agents to defer to real estate attorneys when complicated problems arise during a residential or commercial real estate transaction. Deed and title disputes, property insurance issues, problems with mortgage financing, zoning and use conflicts, and other problems can add a great deal of stress to an already complex process.

Having representation from a veteran Orlando real estate attorney can make all the difference, and it is wise to involve the services of an attorney during any real estate transaction to reduce your exposure to risk and protect your investment. Your real estate lawyer's job is to fight for your best interest.

A boutique real estate firm serving the greater Orlando, FL area

As a smaller firm with a focused practice area, Pierce & Associates, P.L., is able to offer personalized attention to each of our clients that many larger firms simply can't. When you retain the services of real estate lawyer John G. Pierce, you can rest assured that you have a veteran real estate attorney acting as your advocate throughout the purchase and sales process. We'll review all paperwork pursuant to your transaction and ensure that your rights as an investor are protected.

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