Florida Real Estate Attorney and Real Estate Broker Guiding Homeowners Through Short Sales

For most people, owning a home is the fulfillment of the American dream. You work hard, cut expenses, and save up for rainy days, but sometimes even your best efforts aren’t enough. Every news report contains a disheartening story about fallout from the current economy and the widespread damage done to the real estate market. Numerous homeowners have fallen hopelessly behind on their home loan payments and despite their best efforts, are now facing foreclosure.

When you’ve done everything you can to stay current on the house note and you still haven’t made it, you have an alternative to bank foreclosure.

A short sale is an opportunity for all parties (homeowner and bank or lender) to cut their losses and prevent an unfortunate situation from getting worse. To learn more about short sales or to discuss your options for avoiding foreclosure, contact Pierce & Associates today.

Our founding attorney, John G. “Jerry” Pierce, is also a licensed Florida real estate broker. If you need to list your house for a short sale, we can take care of that right here in the office. We’re here to look out for your needs and your best interests during this time. We can help you transition to a better financial outlook.

Why a Short Sale is Often a Win-Win Solution for Buyer, Seller, and Lender in the State of Florida

In Florida real estate, a short sale happens when your bank or lender agrees to accept the best offer for the sale of your house as fulfillment of what you owe on your mortgage. This means that your home will be listed for sale, and once a buyer purchases it, even if the offer is less than what you owe on the mortgage, the bank calls it good.

No more worries about paying the house note. No black mark on your credit report. No foreclosure.

A short sale benefits the homeowner, because it allows you to avoid foreclosure and ultimately save your credit score. It benefits the buyer, who can purchase a desired home at a very competitive price. It also benefits the lender, because most banks and lenders would rather have the money from a short sale than deal with the expenses and hassles of a foreclosure.

At Pierce and Associates, we assist clients throughout the entire process of negotiating short sales. We compile a complete short sale package where we collect and evaluate your financial information, information about your house and information we need for the sale itself (short sale property contract, disclosures, etc.).

Call us today to find out how we can list your house for a short sale at no cost to you.

Act Now to Get Mortgage Relief, Avoid Foreclosure, and Save Your Credit

If you are facing financial troubles, you must discuss ALL of your options with an experienced Florida real estate attorney right away, before it’s too late.

Unfortunately, a short sale is no longer an option if you have filed for bankruptcy or your house has already been foreclosed.

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