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For more than four decades, attorney John G. Pierce of Pierce & Associates, P.L., has provided legal advice and counsel in several specific legal disciplines. The small size of our law firm, coupled with Mr. Pierce's extensive experience and fluent legal knowledge, allows us to give each client completely personalized attention at competitive rates.

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Foreclosure Prevention and Defense for Orlando Families

The national recession and our slow economic recovery have proved disastrous for many families. If you are behind on your mortgage payments, or you need relief from your mortgage debt, get legal advice from a reputable source. At Pierce & Associates, we can provide information and guidance on:

Florida Real Estate Law: Transactions and Disputes

As a central Florida real estate law firm, we offer a full spectrum of real estate services for owners and developers of commercial property and residential property throughout Florida, including services geared toward foreign investors. We also represent parties in real estate disputes and issues involving liens and foreclosure proceedings.

Pierce & Associates has extensive experience executing like-kind real property exchanges under §1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. We review and prepare complex commercial leases and property contracts and sale documents. We represent and advise both buyers and sellers in home sales and sales of businesses, from preparing the purchase agreement to reviewing and negotiating contracts and closing transactions.

For additional background information on our real estate practice, refer to our Real Estate Information Center or mortgage lending fact sheet.

Questions from out of state about Florida real estate transactions? We can help.

Estate Planning

In our estate and business planning practice, we offer a complete range of services to families and businesses. A properly prepared estate plan requires careful planning in the creation of wills and trusts and proactive Medicaid planning, if appropriate. Commercial enterprises should have a business succession plan in place. Pierce & Associates also represents the personal representatives of estates, guiding the estate through probate proceedings and any estate litigation to ensure that family assets and property are distributed and protected according to the family's wishes.

Our estate and business planning services go further, by reviewing a family's or business's complete asset protection strategy and recommending additional actions to better protect real estate and financial assets for future use.

Business and Corporate Law

Headquartered in Orlando and serving businesses throughout Florida, Pierce & Associates offers a full array of business law services. We provide advice and counsel on entity choice — that is, the relative benefits of various forms of business organization such as an LLC or corporation. We also represent small and medium-sized businesses in all types of business litigation, including contract disputes and partnership disputes.

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