How to Keep the House: Mortgage Mediation Sessions in Florida Courts

Mediation is a meeting in which a homeowner, the homeowner’s legal counsel, and a representative from the lender who was granted authority to make legal decisions on behalf of the lender sit down and negotiate a resolution for a delinquent mortgage.

Florida reinforced this practice in 2009 when the Supreme Court issued an administrative order creating a mediation program that  gives beleaguered homeowners more alternatives to foreclosure. As numerous Florida home loan borrowers battle to keep their mortgages current, many have found that even a small financial setback can completely devastate their efforts. When you owe back payments or simply cannot pay the house note, mediation may be the light at the end of the tunnel for you.

Most homeowners are looking for a workable way to keep their houses. Even if a lender already filed a foreclosure action against your property, you still have a chance to recover from financial setbacks, keep the house, avoid foreclosure, and save your credit rating.

Most Florida courts now require or recommend at least one mediation session between borrower and lender before the court issues judgment on the foreclosure action. The rules of mediation state that the lender must send a representative who has the authority to settle the case to the mortgage mediation session. This means the borrower is assured the chance to attempt a home loan workout agreement face to face (or at least over the telephone) with the lender.

Mortgage mediation sessions are especially attractive to homeowners who have tried unsuccessfully to get a mortgage modification. Regardless of the history of communication between you and your lender, mortgage mediation sessions are a fresh opportunity to renegotiate the terms of your home loan. Banks and lenders have an incentive to work with you; once a case is taken to mediation, they know a homeowner is at risk of losing the house to the bank. Since most banks already have more foreclosed real estate than they can handle, it’s in their best interest to negotiate on solution that works in the homeowner’s favor.

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At the Orlando real estate law firm of Pierce & Associates, P.L., we have negotiated mortgage modifications with all kinds of banks and lenders, large to small. We have accompanied clients to mediation sessions under the foreclosure mediation programs in numerous Florida court districts.

We are veterans of the mortgage mediation process. We will provide you with realistic advice and effective representation if you are facing foreclosure action and wish to attempt a loan workout via mediation.

Even if the court does not require a mortgage mediation session, your attorney could request that the court order mediation in your specific case.

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