Get Answers From an Accessible Home Loan Modification Attorney in Orlando, Florida

Struggling to stay current on your home loan? Have you already fallen behind on your mortgage? Are you concerned that the bank or lender might foreclose on your house?

At the law firm of Pierce & Associates, P.L., we specialize in negotiating home loan modifications with all kinds of lenders at all stages in the home loan process. We’ve helped many struggling homeowners renegotiate the terms of their loans, save their credit score, and keep the house.

If you are significantly behind on your house note and have questions about how a knowledgeable real estate lawyer can negotiate a home loan modification for you, you may speak directly with senior attorney John G. Pierce, an experienced real estate lawyer. Mr. Pierce is a lifelong Floridian and a licensed real estate broker with more than 40 years in real estate law. He will give you a complete and accurate picture of all your options and direct you to a workable solution that fits your unique needs.

Home Loan Modification Assistance for Borrowers at Every Stage
At Pierce & Associates, our clients have the benefit of working directly with a seasoned real estate attorney who carefully examines every legal and financial path available to them. Our team is here to build a strategy to help you recover your mortgage, restore your peace of mind, and return to the American dream with your credit rating intact.

We help homeowners at any stage of the process:

  • If you struggle from month to month and suspect you’re about to fall behind on your house note, we can help you modify your home loan.
  • If you are already behind on the house note and are unsure about your options, we can help you modify your home loan.
  • If you’ve requested a home loan modification from your lender and were denied, we can still help you modify your home loan.
  • If your bank has filed for foreclosure on your property, we can still help you modify your home loan.

Loan modifications often involve reducing your interest rate or moving some past-due payments to the principal without a penalty. Regardless of the action, at a time like this, even a small space to breathe helps most people stop a bad situation from becoming much worse.

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