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Central Florida Mortgage Facts

For many prospective homeowners, the mortgage is the most intimidating part of buying a house. Which loan best fits your housing needs and your financial situation? How about real estate as an investment?

In the State of Florida, mortgages can be broken down into two basic categories: a fixed rate mortgage or an adjustable rate mortgage (also called an ARM).

Some borrowers select fixed rate mortgages because the payments are predictable, which makes it easier for homeowners to create and stick to a budget. Fixed rate mortgage payments are a bit higher, but as a homeowner, you avoid unwelcome surprises in your home loan payments because your interest rate doesn’t change. The rate is locked in, therefore the payments stay the same.

Other borrowers opt for adjustable rate mortgages because, initially, the payments tend to be lower, making the house appear  more affordable. However, adjustable rate mortgages are just that: the borrower takes the risk that rising interest rates will make for a higher house note farther down the line. The rate is not locked in, therefore the payments may change.

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