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Let Our Attorneys With Over 40 Years' Legal Experience In Central Florida Handle All Of Your Real Estate Law Needs From Start to Finish.

Attorney John Gerald Pierce

Pierce & Associates, P.L. is an Orlando business and real estate law firm that specializes in residential foreclosure defense in Orlando, residential foreclosure prevention in Orlando, mortgage loan modification in Orlando, and short sales and other real estate legal disputes in the Orlando and greater central Florida area.

The law firm of Pierce and Associates has had extreme success in obtaining mortgage modifications and short sales for its clients. This is achieved by the fact that this law firm maintains excellent communication with its clients and updates our listing information in order to stay current with the market. We also have the advantage of the fact that in addition to the law office performing on all legal issues, the owner of the law firm, John G. Pierce, is also the owner and broker of All Florida Sales, Inc. which functions as the broker for listing and sale of short sale matters for our clients. This enables us to obtain excellent communication relationship with the lender without difficulty of dealing through a third party.

In Florida and across the U.S., more and more homeowners are faced with difficult decisions when it comes to their mortgages. Between the legalese and paperwork, the process can be intimidating. Regardless of how you arrived at such a place of struggle, a temporary financial setback doesn’t have to follow you around for years.

John Gerald (Jerry) Pierce, Florida native and founder of the Pierce & Associates, P.L. law firm, has more than 40 years’ experience practicing as a real estate attorney in Orlando. Mr. Pierce is also a Real Estate Broker; this experience is a great advantage when dealing with matters of real estate law. For example, he can list and sell your house in a short sale using the proceeds that go to the Lender to pay the commission, so there is no cost to you.

If you need an attorney to help protect your home or any of the personal and business interests you worked for years to build, contact Jerry Pierce of Pierce & Associates for practical answers to your legal questions. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is dedicated to helping you keep your home, family, and business assets safe and protected from the claims of abusive creditors.

Accessible and Experienced Foreclosure Attorney: Strategic Legal Protection for You, Your Home or Your Business

At Pierce & Associates, our numerous satisfied clients and welcoming atmosphere reinforce our reputation as an outstanding real estate law firm. We’ve helped hundreds of people throughout Orlando and the central Florida area get through difficult circumstances much like yours. From the moment you meet Jerry Pierce and his team of professionals, you can feel confident that we are working hard to protect your interests. Our real estate, estate planning, and business law clients receive the advantage of working one-on-one with a seasoned lawyer who is also a Florida native. Mr. Pierce has practiced law in Orlando and throughout Florida for more than four decades, and he meets with all clients personally.

The Theme of Our Practice Is Asset Protection

We are proficient in real estate law and are fully ready to protect our clients’ personal and business assets. Pierce & Associates can write contracts and negotiate business and real estate transactions, like short sales, bankruptcies, deficiency judgements, and issues with titles and deeds. We also litigate disputes in the following areas:
  • Residential foreclosure defense
  • Residential foreclosure prevention
  • Mortgage loan modification
  • Short sales
  • Real estate law

A Boutique Law Practice Where Your Needs Receive Personal Attention

We are selective when it comes to clients, which leaves us the time and resources to provide a highly personalized level of service to you. Whether it’s a short sale, foreclosure prevention, creating an estate plan to ensure your family’s future security, addressing the legal needs of your business or any other litigation matter, we pride ourselves on offering the best and most aggressive legal representation, and we deliver great results. Pierce & Associates is a proud AV-rated* law firm that has served a number satisfied clients throughout central Florida and the Gulf Coast region.

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation at 866-611-9645, or simply fill out our intake form online. We look forward to helping you when you need help the most – whether that involves a mortgage issue, a real estate transaction, wills and trusts, probate litigation, business formation or litigation.