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Florida is a melting pot of world culture. People come from overseas to bask on its stunning beaches, sail its emerald waterways, and of course, visit Orlando’s famous Walt Disney World.

Between the spectacular scenery and the numerous tourist attractions, many businesspeople from the international community have found Florida real estate to be an worthwhile investment from the panhandle to the Atlantic Coast.

Since real estate investments across international lines are intricately detailed, a serious property purchase must be facilitated through an experienced attorney with an outstanding record of service in U.S. and international real estate law.

Experienced Lawyer (Solicitor) to Assist with Foreign Property Investment in Florida Including Investors from the United Kingdom

John G. Pierce, our law firm’s founding attorney, is also a Florida real estate broker. He has more than 40 years’ experience with real estate law and transactions.

As a team, his law firm helps overseas investors fully understand U.S. real estate law and the proper process for purchasing, holding, and developing commercial and residential real estate in the United States. We will fully advise and assist you in drafting a legal purchase agreement, review your real estate contract, and explain the legal language of any existing contracts.

In the past, many foreign investors discovered too late that they needed an attorney to fully inform them of all legal complications that could arise during and after a real estate transaction. We understand that foreign investors do not want unwelcome surprises when it comes to buying, selling, and developing stateside property. When we represent you, we fully protect your rights and interests when it comes to taxes, titles, liens, closings, permits, costs, fees, contracts, and other matters of United States real estate law.

Superior Legal Service for Overseas Buyers and Sellers

As knowledgeable real estate attorneys, we realize the best way to serve our clients is with a fully competent legal team led by an expert on U.S. real estate law. Whether you live stateside or outside of the U.S., we are fully equipped to advise you on foreign investments and contracts involving buying and selling residential property and commercial property. We also provide you with detailed information about mortgage transactions in the State of Florida.

We can help investors and property owners resolve legal property disputes related to foreign real estate investment, including suitable investment claims (whether a Florida real estate is an appropriate investment under your particular circumstances) as well as breach of contract claims.

We maintain a standard of excellent service because we want you, the client, to feel confident that we will represent your best interests in all of your real estate transactions.

From our home office in beautiful Orlando, we represent investors throughout the world, including Latin America, Africa, Asia, India, Europe, the Middle East, and England and other parts of Great Britain. Pierce & Associates, P.L. has the experience to expedite real estate transactions for foreign investors and foreign investment companies.

To discuss your real estate investment issue with an experienced Florida attorney, please schedule a confidential consultation with John Pierce by calling us at 407-982-7228 or filling out our intake form on our Contact page.