Foreclosure Defense and Prevention

Real Estate Attorney in Orlando, Florida

If you’re sitting at your computer researching foreclosure defense, you need real help with your mortgage. Unfortunately, most of the ads and "legal advice" out there are dubious at best, and downright inaccurate at worst.

If your lender has initiated foreclosure proceedings against you, don’t waste your time with bad advice and wild guesses. You must consult an experienced Orlando foreclosure defense attorney for solid, effective legal counsel. Only a seasoned Florida real estate attorney can educate you about how real estate laws and regulations can work to your advantage, help you get on your feet, and ultimately help you recover your finances and save your house.

If you’d need help from an attorney, the small law office of Pierce & Associates, P.L. is a welcoming environment where you can talk one-on-one with one of the best real estate lawyers in Florida. Situated in beautiful Orlando, our firm was founded by John G. “Jerry” Pierce, a native Floridian who has practiced law in central Florida for more than 40 years. Mr. Pierce is also a licensed Florida real estate broker. His comprehensive involvement in Florida real estate has helped countless homeowners get control of their finances and get back on track to living the American dream. If you’re significantly behind on the house note and anticipate foreclosure action, please contact us today.

Foreclosure: Is it Preventable?

Absolutely, it is. In many cases, there are a number of viable legal options to help homeowners in the current economy.

First and foremost, remember: never walk away from your mortgage.

Numerous sites and advertisements are enticing beleaguered homeowners into turning their backs on the mortgage and giving up the family home in hopes that a temporarily bad situation will just go away. In reality, this is the worst legal mistake a homeowner can make. Visit our Foreclosures page to read why we feel a “walkaway” is the worst “solution” to your financial crisis.

At Pierce & Associates, we’re proud of our extensive experience representing Florida homeowners who want to save their homes from foreclosure. When we work on foreclosure prevention cases, we use a variety of legal strategies, including:

  • Legal Defense - Has your lender already filed a formal foreclosure action against your house? It’s not too late to enlist the assistance of a skilled attorney.Your attorney can negotiate for alternate arrangements, allowing you breathing space and expanding your options.
  • Mortgage Loan Modification - Even if you submitted a mortgage modification application and were denied, a well-respected real estate lawyer makes a significant difference in the fight to modify the terms of your loan. Talk to us first.
  • Mediation - Florida courts often request that homeowners and lenders submit to mediation prior to finalizing a foreclosure. Unlike with modification applications, the lender must send a representative to the session who has the authority to settle the case. This is often a great opportunity to negotiate a solution other than foreclosure that can also resolve your situation.
  • Short sales - Sometimes both buyer and lender agree to get out of the mortgage. In that case, we negotiate with your lender to sell your home and let the proceeds settle your debt for less than the amount of the mortgage. When your home sells, you are then able to move on with a clean credit report.

Call an Experienced Florida Foreclosure Attorney Today for Practical Advice on How to Keep Your House

Most lenders would rather resolve past-due mortgages than foreclose on a property, simply because they already own too much foreclosed real estate.

Take advantage of our substantial experience and schedule a private consultation. Contact Pierce & Associates at 407-982-7228 or use our online intake form.