Competent Legal Advice About Foreclosures in Orlando from Real Estate Attorney/Real Estate Broker John G. Pierce

Most people shudder at the word “foreclosure.” If you don’t fully understand all the legal options you have when you become significantly delinquent on the mortgage, you can make mistakes in this critical hour that will affect you and your credit for years.

For example, it’s become a disturbing trend in Florida for stressed-out homeowners to simply walk away from their mortgages when they discover they are in jeopardy of a bank foreclosure. Even a handful of new “companies” with suspicious ulterior motives have cropped up, claiming they can teach customers the best way to turn their backs on the home loan that bears their legal signatures.

As an experienced Orlando real estate law firm, Pierce & Associates, P.L., wants you to know there’s a better way––a legal way––to deal with a delinquent home loan. We are here to evaluate your situation, work within your means, and protect your rights as a Florida homeowner. We can help you negotiate a mortgage workout plan with your bank or lender, protect and defend you in a bank foreclosure proceeding, settle the bank foreclosure action in mortgage mediation sessions, or negotiate a short sale in lieu of bank foreclosure.

You still have options.

Just remember, a mortgage walkout is NEVER the right “option” for you or your financial future. Don’t stress for one more day. Please contact the Orlando law firm of Pierce & Associates. We have incredibly helpful answers that don’t involve foreclosure or walking away.
Are Mortgage Walkouts or Walk-Always a Bad Idea?
Yes! The walkout approach is without question the worst “fix” to your financial problem. Just because it looks easy and less expensive to simply walk away from your mortgage doesn’t mean it is. Walk-outs pulverize your credit and will negatively overshadow your finances for years––not to mention that you will lose the family home for good.

What Can You Do? Alternatives to Bank Foreclosure for Florida Homeowners

Our founding attorney, Jerry Pierce, is a licensed real estate broker in the State of Florida. He understands how much lenders want to work with you to resolve this difficult financial situation.

We have helped many struggling people avoid or minimize losses and foreclosure damage:

  • We can defend you in a foreclosure proceeding.
    Some homeowners are able to stop a foreclosure when a respected real estate law attorney argues against it. We will review your circumstances and your official documents, and investigate how your lender initiated a foreclosure. There’s a chance it can be stopped altogether.

  • We can help you work out a better home loan.Given the current state of the economy, banks are making more and more concessions to help homeowners keep the house. We’ve helped numerous clients negotiate workouts with lenders, saving their homes and credit scores in the process. Often, a workout means either a reduced interest rate or another helpful change to terms of your original mortgage. When you’re struggling, even the smallest change can make a big difference.
  • We can help you facilitate a short sale. If you absolutely have to get out of the mortgage, and the lender is agreeable, we can work with your lender to establish a moratorium — a grace period — in which you can attempt to sell your home for less than you owe the lender. The lender then agrees to accept the sale price as full repayment of your home loan.

Get Smart Legal Advice About Home Foreclosure Options in Orlando and Central Florida

If you anticipate foreclosure action against you, speak with an experienced real estate and foreclosure lawyer who can ensure you make an informed choice and protect your interests. Our founding attorney, John G. Pierce, has decades of experience that translates into unparalleled legal advice for homeowners. If you need effective representation in short sale negotiations, workout negotiations and foreclosure defense, contact Pierce & Associates today by calling us at 407-982-7228 or by filling out our intake form online.