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Starting a business? Already own your own business? Don’t neglect one of the most important and overlooked parts of having a business… estate planning.

Whether you own a shop, bakery, store, boutique, salon, design company, cleaning service, or web-based business, when you’re crunching the numbers, keeping customers happy, and saving to pay your quarterly taxes, it’s easy to overlook estate planning. But a well-constructed business and estate plan that addresses the disposition of your company, corporation, or LLC is critical to protecting what’s yours in the event of retirement, death, or an illness or injury that leaves you permanently incapacitated.

At Pierce & Associates, P.L. of Orlando, Florida, we are a small business staffed with legal experts who specialize in what affects business owners and entrepreneurs the most: business law, real estate, mortgage law and estate planning.

Plan Now and Protect Your Orlando Small Business

Whether you’re operating a family-owned business or a small or closely-held business, the future of your enterprise relies on the plans you’ve made for transferring ownership. Even thriving businesses can face significant financial setbacks and lose value if ownership transfers and transition periods don’t go smoothly.

At Pierce & Associates, we’re here to help hardworking business owners reach their greatest goals and objectives. We will design a personalized and comprehensive business succession estate plan around your wishes so that, when the time comes to transfer the company to younger generations or to your business partner, everything goes exactly as you’ve planned.

Our background in business transactions and probate law means we can show you exactly how to preserve the company’s assets for your surviving business partners or family members. Not only are we cost-effective, but we know what we’re doing when it comes to estate planning. Our comprehensive knowledge of the law enable us to provide effective, proven business succession strategies for all kinds of Florida business owners.

Minimize Consequences ∙ Preserve Assets ∙ Promote Growth

If you want your Mom and Pop business to stay in the family, we will structure a plan that allows for minimal tax consequences when the company and your estate pass to your surviving spouse or children. We’ll show you how to incorporate family businesses and rental properties in a way that preserves and protects as many of your interests as possible.

If the business is to be sold upon the death of the business owner, we structure buy-sell agreements or other methods to arrange for disposition and distribution of the proceeds to heirs.

Pierce & Associates: We’re a Florida Small Business Too

Contact the experienced business lawyers of Pierce & Associates to arrange a consultation. We’re here to discuss your business succession planning needs. Call our Orlando law office at 407-982-7228 or fill out our intake form online.