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If you are thinking of incorporating or restructuring a business, there are a lot of questions to consider, depending on your specific situation. How will the changes affect your tax liability? Will restructuring affect your employees or your partnership? What’s the best and least expensive way for you to start the business of your dreams?

If you happen to find yourself on the unpleasant end of a business partnership––for example, the partner you once trusted has embezzled money from the company and you must legally dissolve the corporation, we can get you through that transition and its legal details as painlessly as possible.

At the law firm of Pierce & Associates, we show you the most efficient and cost-effective way to take your business through necessary changes or start a company  from scratch. Don’t be intimidated by all the legal forms and regulations. A veteran business law attorney can educate you and walk you through each step in the process. We’re here to help you succeed!

As a law firm, we handle:

  • buy-sell business agreements
  • business formations
  • business dissolutions
  • partnership agreements
  • 1031 exchanges
  • other Florida business law issues and transactions

In addition, our firm practices business litigation and securities law and drafts business succession plans.

Based in Orlando, Florida, Pierce & Associates was founded by John G. Pierce, an attorney who has more than 40 years of experience practicing law. Our clients are business owners and partners across Florida, from Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Volusia, Flagler, Brevard, and Polk Counties, Kissimmee and throughout all of Florida.

Business Organization and Entities in Florida

Pierce & Associates, P.L. assists small businesses with all types of corporate formation, company formation, and partnership entities. There are a number of reasons to consider one type of business entity over another, such as tax implications, personal liability, asset protection, and the type of business you would like to operate.

Though popular, the limited liability company (LLC) isn’t for everyone. It is more expensive than a corporation and may present certain problems, but it has advantages in some cases. Our lawyers can explain the pros and cons of LLC, C-corp, S-corp, limited partnerships and general partnerships and help you decide on the one that suits your enterprise.

From choosing to start a business (corporation formation), to trading a property (1031 exchange), to ending a business (business dissolution), Pierce & Associates covers the entire spectrum. Contact our business and corporate law attorneys today!