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For most of us, investing in a piece of Lake Nona real estate represents the single largest investment we will make during our lifetime. It's important to protect that investment. Issues can come up during the real estate transaction process, such as deed and title disputes, property inspection and valuation issues, insurance problems, and more. Current homeowners may find themselves in financial distress and facing foreclosure. For these reasons, it is wise to have legal counsel from a knowledgeable Central Florida real estate lawyer.

With over 40 years of legal experience serving clients in Lake Nona and throughout the greater Orlando area, real estate attorney John G. Pierce of Pierce & Associates, P.L., has served Florida residents in a diverse range of real estate matters, including transactions, title disputes, insurance issues, foreclosure, and more. At Pierce & Associates, P.L., we offer free initial consultations and flexible appointment schedules, so it costs you nothing to speak to a top AV-rated Lake Nona real estate attorney about your needs.

Foreclosure defense for Lake Nona residents

It's no secret that Florida has been facing a foreclosure crisis in recent years. Many Florida residents have been forced out of their homes, or continue living with the threat of foreclosure. If you are experiencing financial difficulties and the bank is threatening to foreclose on your home, there is hope.

As an AV-rated real estate attorney, John G. Pierce has helped client in Lake Nona and across Central Florida facing foreclosure resolve their mortgage problems. Each situation is unique, so call us today. We can help you understand your options and act as your legal representation.

Lake Nona, FL real estate transactions

Lake Nona is a growing community, and many people moving to Lake Nona are buying their first piece of real estate. Whether you are buying or selling a home in Lake Nona, it's important that you protect your investment. A real estate lawyer can help you throughout the transaction process, handling the necessary paperwork, phone calls, and other footwork, and will work to ensure that your rights are protected and that you understand what it is you are signing.

Since we are a smaller firm with a focused practice area, we are able to offer personalized legal counsel that many larger firms simply can't. It is our client-centered approach to Florida real estate law that has made us one of the top real estate firms serving Lake Nona, Florida.

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