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If you’re a business owner, you understand the full impact of profits and losses. You work hard to build a business that provides outstanding service or product to all customers. You understand that a reputation of excellence in your Florida community means more clients, and more clients mean more profits.

Unfortunately, many business owners (particularly small business owners) have discovered that not every hiring customer is actually a paying customer. When a client hires you for a project and then refuses payment, fails to pay the entire amount owed, improperly withholds other compensation or reimbursement that is rightfully yours, or pays your invoices long after the agreed upon due date, your business loses time, materials, and money. Non-paying clients can deplete your profits, erode the financial and sweat-equity investments you’ve made in your business, and ultimately affect your ability to keep the company’s doors open.

Most people don’t realize how much a single withheld payment (or simply a late payment) hurts a business. In the corporate world, 9-to-5 clock-punching employees are accustomed to receiving paychecks every other Friday. Independent contractors and contract builders simply don’t have that luxury. When a customer forgets or refuses to pay, independent businesses still have to cover utility bills, employee expenses, and other operation costs on a reduced income.

Contractors are not lenders nor banks. When a customer enters into an agreement with you, you should be paid, on schedule, for quality work. Thankfully, if you are a Florida real estate builder, contractor, or subcontractor and someone refuses to pay what they owe you, you are protected under certain laws.

Florida Real Estate Law: Mechanic’s Liens

Since the economy and the current real estate market have caused financial problems for many people, numerous builders and contractors have performed services or labor in good faith and were not paid for their work. What choice do you have when, despite several reminders, a customer simply refuses to cut you a check on time?

In the State of Florida, when a customer fails to render payment to a general contractor or subcontractor, a lien can placed against the customer’s property. The contractor must record this claim within 90 days of the day he or she last worked on the building or property in question and notify the homeowners of the outstanding bill via certified mail. If the homeowner or property owner still does not pay the bill, you may have the right to file foreclosure action on the property.

At Pierce & Associates, we believe that builders, contractors and subcontractors deserve to be compensated for their hard work. If you need help filing a mechanic's lien, or if you are involved in a mechanic's lien dispute, we can assist you. John Pierce has over 40 years of experience in real estate matters, and he is also a licensed Florida real estate broker. We understand how to protect your interests and fight for the compensation you’ve rightfully earned. Contact us today to discuss how we can get excellent results for you on unpaid contracts and invoices.

Pierce & Associates, Florida Judgment Lien Attorneys

Judgment liens protect claimants who received an award or judgment as a result of a business or real estate dispute or other litigation. We can help you collect money on your judgment or negotiate with the judgment holder if you need to free up property that is subject to a judgment lien.

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